CATIA developed by Dassault Systemes, is one of the world's leading CAD/ CAM/ CAE packages. Being a solid modelling tool, it not only unites the 3D parametric features with 2D tools, but also addresses every design-through-manufacturing process. Besides providing an insight into the design content, the package promotes collaboration between companies & provides them an edge over their competitors.

In addition to creating solid models, sheet metal components & assemblies, 2D drawing views can also be generated in the Drafting Workbench of CATIA. The drawing views that can be generated include Orthographic, section, auxiliary, isometric & detail views. You can also generate model dimensions & create reference dimensions in the drawing views. The bi-directionally associative nature of this software ensures that the modifications made in the model are reflected in the drawing views & vice-versa.


  • CATIA has exceptionally easy-to-use & state-of-the-art user interface.
  • Delivers innovative technologies for maximum productivity & creativity.
  • It reduces the learning curve.
  • It allows the flexibility of using feature base & parametric designs.